Handling and organizing of a funeral

Every funeral in Vienna is planed and implemented carefully and in close consultation with the bereaved. You will find a wide  range of coffins and urns in variety of price ranges.Of course, is the selection of the cemetery entirely ion your hands - all settlement work we like to perform for you trough.

Our employees plan for you burials that are tailored to your invidual needs, always white the premises professionalism and cost transparency.

This includes services such as  buisness lines, and to handle all official channles with the registry office.


We are here to help you!

The funeral EX-YU help you day and night for a single death in and around Vienna. Contact us if you need a burial in Vienna or a transfer abroad for a deceased relative.

We organize all process from collection of the deceased on formalities right trough to funerals to your liking. In all our work we place special emphasis on customer-friendly service and low-cost and transparent conditions.



Home visit

Often people are following a death in an emergency situation, Sure makes you feel then somtimes only at home in their own home. In such cases, or if your mobility is limited, we want to visit you at no additional cost at your home.

Then we can talk to you in peace  on all important topics: the design of mourning, the decision cremation or burial, a wide range of urns and coffins, the expiry of funeral and the funeral pension.